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posted : Saturday, May 29, 2010
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Hey-Ho !

sorry for not updating this bloggeh. busy lah katekan. pffft~ well, too bad, no story today. HAHA, nenenipoopoo :P tmr, then got story. a LOVE story. HAHA, fakefake lah. abeh percayee ? se-tu-peed =.=" besok, im going to aunty's house @ Johor Bahruu. *smiles \m/

 & to all of the KPO-kiaa makcik-pakcik out there...


my name, not yours. is it bothering you?  don't judge me if you don't know me, well. OK? you don't know my full name. so don't talk bigbig @ my taggyboard, ok? i have the rights & privilege to control my life & name. its my decision. you all only know my first name, NOT THE FULL ONE. so what if my name is Fatin & my nicky is Achaa? got problem? the name got piercing thorns that hurt your buttocks eheh? if it does, SAY & COMPLAIN TO ME, INFRONT OF MY FACE, MY NOSE, MY MOUTH, MY EYES, MY EVERYTHING ! 

May peace be upon you.

posted : Tuesday, May 18, 2010
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posted : Thursday, May 13, 2010
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konichiwaa :D

sorry for not updating. MYE are the fxcking reasons, why i'm not updating this blog-eh. o god, the maths paper was damn hard, for me lah eh. haaish..

went to school @ 6.55am. salam both mama & papa, then rushed off to school. sat @ parade square. then sekali got lightning alert. ughh.. after singing national anthem, we start off the period w the fxcking Science Paper. for me, it's a 50-50 paper. not hard nor easy. after that, Mrs. Tan gave us back our Maths Paper. uhh.. wooots, i improved dokzxz! but i'm not gonna tell you! BLUEEEK>.<

went for recess w Monique, Shahindah & Miaa. & Monique took my "Top" candy! no lah, i give her lah. hehe^^ se-keep. continue goin' through the paper. se-keep. then, balek timee! weee.... sent Nina back while teasing her, saying that we saw her future mother-in-law. HAHAxD then while walking to the bustop, Nina told me something 'bout her family. gosh, it was so unbelievable 0: se-keep.

then, walk back w Karine & Monique. saw Miaa, Shahindah, Syairah, Shahan & Amirul @ the badminton court near WRPS. ask Shahindah to sent me back. bought water, then she blanjaa me Mash Potatoe. awww...thaaaanks! then, after buying it, she antar me to 609.

k lah, bye.

posted : Monday, May 3, 2010
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posted : Tuesday, April 27, 2010
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sorry for M.I.A.-ing, though. been busy all the week. won't be posting regularly these days. had 1.6km Run/Walk NAPFA test ytd. & it was raining, so we had to run on the muddy field. what the mama, much? our shoes & p.e. attire were covered w muds after the test. eewwww! came in 20th position. bad eh? but still, i've improved from last years' position :D

then just now, went back @ 1.00pm. played soccer w Amirul, Hakim, Khairyn, Shahindah, Syairah, Monique & Nina. woots, it was damn gayrek. then, went back to school for Maths Remedial. eh, i bad in maths tau )': after that, we went home. didn't go Diker Barat bcause of some reasonable reasons. hehe(:

now, midnite-midnite, i'm blogging as this is the only free time i have for the day. haaaaish... k, tc. bbye.

posted : Sunday, April 18, 2010
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 Attached w ?

posted : Wednesday, April 14, 2010
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went baack @ 12.25pm w Sha & Syairah. they go Tekong, while i go back. i kept looking behind, don`t why. maybe searching for someone? hmmm, don`t knw laah. when naak balek, saaw cicak. go 605`s minimart together. bought kinder bueno [white], ice lemon tea & the sour thingy stuff ? then, proceed to going back. then when naak balek, papa opened the door.

kekek pehr? well noow, i naak buat homework. cheeyh, goodgirl sehy. prasaaaaan :D  ohkylaah, bbye.